Patty & Fun

At the moment I’m working 40-hour weeks at burger restaurant Patty & Bun in Notting Hill. I’m in the process of taking on more responsibility there, which is very exciting!

From opening and closing the restaurant, to counting up the day’s takings, to ensuring that staff and customers are happy, being Floor Manager at Patty & Bun is proving great experience for the future. Of course I have an Assistant Manager and General Manager above me, which takes a lot of the pressure off – especially because they are both very kind people.

I’ve worked at Patty as a waitress for over a year now. With this promotion, however, it’s very exciting to see further into the workings of the restaurant – the spreadsheets, deliveries and organisation things in particular. I’m learning very quickly and loving every minute. Patty & Bun does very many things right, so all that I’m learning is invaluable. That I get to work for such a fantastic, friendly company makes me love it all the more.

I feel very lucky to be gaining such great experience and knowledge, and can’t wait to use what I’ve learnt one day!


Click here to view Patty’s Instagram.

There are two blog posts out this week because I didn’t post last Sunday (I was working, of course). Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the latest supper club progress – including the first menu, a bit of cheesecake practice and Jackson&Levine’s new book!

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