From London With Love

It often feels like life in London moves at 100mph.

Studying at university and working part time makes for a rather busy life. I’ve just finished the penultimate exam season of my degree, however, so now it’s time to focus on other things over the summer.

I often feel that my time to concentrate on what I really want to do begins when university ends. I love studying philosophy, but as you can probably imagine the subject doesn’t exactly push students to think about their future careers. Spending your life discussing The Big Questions isn’t exactly lucrative. Especially if, like me, you aren’t spectacularly good at it anyway. This makes my free time especially important to me.

I’m very lucky to be living and studying in London.

University has given me the reason to be in this great city, but it’s actually my job – at burger joint Patty & Bun – that has inspired me the most over the past year. Patty & Bun epitomises the liveliness, soulfulness and good cheer of London. Working there has shown to me the best that London can be: great food, great music and fantastic, inspiring people.

I’ve also learnt and experienced so much in London. Not only from Patty & Bun, but other amazing restaurants and street food markets (I’ll make any excuse to walk through Borough Market) have also cultivated a love of good food and good atmosphere. In this blog I’ll write about these in detail.

The one day I try to preserve from the bustle of the city is Sunday. Sunday is my day to slow down, take time to do things I really enjoy and spend time with my loved ones. On Sundays I call my parents, listen to my favourite playlist – titled, of course, ‘Sunday’ – and try to take life a little gentler.

I love London. I couldn’t imagine having lived anywhere else for these past two years.

I can’t live in London forever, though. Sundays can’t be my only days to rest from the liveliness of the city. With this in mind I plan to take everything I’ve learnt and experienced in the city with me when I eventually leave.

From here I aim to collect as much advice and experience as possible so that I can take inspiration from the imagination and innovation of London entrepreneurs, wherever I end up.

Welcome to Soon Sunday!

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